Understand your TSC Energy Account

Understand your TSC Energy Account

Key TSC Energy™ Terminologies 

In order to understand TSC Energy™ one needs to be familiar with terms that are used and might come upon while using the TSC Energy™ application.

Following is the list of such terms and their definitions as used in TSC Energy™

In the context of The Sustainability Cloud, the term Organization refers to any account/legal entity that is enabled for energy monitoring and sustainability data management.
Facility mean any physical or logical location where data management is to be segregated. Examples include a manufacturing plant, factory, building, retail outlet or any location of similar nature.
An Organization may comprise of one or more than one facility.
Field Instrument
Field Instrument mean any analyzer, sensor or a measurement hardware/device that is sending data to the TSC Energy™ application.

Example of field instruments : Smart Energy Meters,  Temperature Sensors, Ambient Temperature Sensors and many more.
Users mean the active system users having access to the TSC Energy™

Layout is the representation of energy system of a facility. It describes the flow of energy from sources to the loads, allows users to identify various energy assets and enable them to monitor demand from multiple areas and zones.

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