Specifications in TSC Energy

Specifications in TSC Energy

TSC Energy™ Editions

TSC Energy™ is a cloud based application that offers four different editions each comprising of different features focusing on specific business needs.
  1. Free
  2. Business Basic 
  3. Business Standard
  4. Business Premium
Each edition is priced differently, and contains different set of features that can be accessed after purchasing. Before purchasing an edition you should understand the requirements of your business so you can select the appropriate features. We also have a 15-day trial version for Business Basic, Business Standard, and Business Premium Editions. You can sign up for any of the editions or Free edition to evaluate all the editions before purchasing.

Apart from the Free edition all other editions are based on facility licenses i.e. based on the number of facilities for which the energy management is to be done. For your organization, all facilities that you subscribe to should belong to the same edition. For instance, you cannot purchase 5 facility licenses in the Business Basic edition and 2 facility licenses in the Business Standard edition, for one organization.  

For details on features' availability and limits in each edition, refer to the Feature Availability table. TSC Energy™ is a pay-as-you-go software as a service, and you will be billed on a monthly or yearly basis for the edition that you are currently using. So there is flexibility to upgrade your edition as the business evolves or downgrade it if you cut-off few services.

In addition to the plans we have additional features known as "AddOns" delivering special value that are not included as a part of the edition plans. 
  1. AddOns are used to access special optional features on the TSC Energy™
  2. Not all addons are available with all the editions 
  3. During purchase and renewal, the addons are billed 

Supported Languages 

TSC Energy™ is currently available in English language. We are working on to support additional languages. You can keep a watch on this space for further notifications regarding languages support.

Operational System Requirements 

TSC Energy™ is a cloud-based application. This means that the application and the data are not stored in your computer system's memory. Since cloud applications rely on remote servers, you are required to have a continual internet connection for accessing TSC Energy™. You are not required to download or install any files in your computer to use TSC Energy™.

For other deployment options you may refer here

TSC Energy™ is compatible with basic system configuration, the details of which are listed below:

Operating System
Windows, Unix, MacOS

Web Browser
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

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