Specification of TSC Enviro™

Specification of TSC Enviro™

TSC Enviro™ Editions 

TSC Enviro™ application is a software platform that offers four different editions each comprising of different features focusing on specific business needs.
  1. Free
  2. Business Basic
  3. Business Standard
  4. Business Premium
The pricing and features available for each plan vary, and they are all accessible after purchase. In order to choose the right features, you should be aware of your company's needs before investing in any version. The subscription plan licenses for all other editions are determined by the number of facilities that are being managed using the TSC Enviro™ account. Every facility add-on license you buy for your company needs to be of the same edition. For example, you cannot purchase 5 facility licenses under the Business Basic plan and 2 facility licenses under the Business Standard edition for the same organization.

In addition to the features included in the Software as a Service package, TSC Enviro™ offers extra add-on features that offer unique value.
  1. The TSC Enviro™ unique extra features can be accessed through add-ons.
  2. Not every add-on is compatible with every plan. This means you may not be able to purchase certain add-ons depending on which base subscription plan you have opted for.
  3. The add-ons are billed in a single invoice at the renewal, on the same cycle as the SAAS Plans.

Supported Languages

TSC Enviro, the specified software or platform, is designed and configured to operate primarily in the English language. The user interface, documentation, and potentially other aspects of the software are available and presented in English.

Operational System Requirements

Since TSC Enviro is a cloud-based program, neither the program nor the data are kept on the memory of your computer. You must always have an internet connection in order to utilize TSC Enviro™ because cloud apps are dependent on distant servers.

TSC Enviro™ is compatible with basic system configuration, the details of which are listed below:

Operating System
Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
 Web Browsers
 Google Chrome

 Mozilla fire fox

 Microsoft Edge

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