Introduction to TSC Energy

Introduction to TSC Energy

What is TSC Energy™?

Around the globe, there is a great need to save energy, which impacts prices, emissions targets, and legislation that affects us all. Not only can energy management help reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, it also helps reduce our dependence on increasingly limited fossil fuels.

The Sustainability Cloud Energy (TSC Energy™ ) is a dynamic energy management solution to track and hack down your energy usage. With the help of TSC Energy™ one can optimize their energy usage and cost. The platforms enables users to do energy accounting and get track of how much energy is being used and where it is being used.

TSC Energy also includes more elaborate activities, such as creating energy budgeting, operating renewable energy services and making other improvements for clean energy consumption and reduced energy costs in coming years.

Why do businesses need TSC Energy™ ?

  1. Digitize your Energy Footprint : In order to prevent missed insights from becoming lost opportunities, TSC Energy™ makes data easy to gather, comprehend, and act upon.  
  2. Manage Operational Energy Efficiency : Tracking utility costs and energy efficiency allows corporations to budget more efficiently and gain better insight into overall operational costs.
  3. Manage your Energy Budgets : Having TSC Energy™ in place helps control a corporation’s budget and reduce the risk associated with energy price increases that can impact a business’s ability to operate.
  4. Plan your Energy Mix and Supply Chains : TSC Energy™ not only brings cost savings to a company’s bottom line through decreased usage and consumption but can also mean reduced reliance on sometimes volatile supply chains. Energy management programs can also help companies lower costs through competitive procurement.
  5. Reduce Scope 2 Carbon Emissions In addition to helping mitigate global problems that result from carbon emissions, energy management programs also bring benefits to corporations.

Benefits of having TSC Energy™  

The Sustainability Cloud provides the following benefits to our customers
  1. Central Sustainability Repository for all your energy data - Electric, Fuel and Renewable energy mix. Real time data driven by Industry 4.0 and IIoT technologies and powered by Big Data storage technologies to monitor at any scale.
  2. MIS system including visualizations, configurable dashboards and reporting
  3. Compliance and Auditing  Enables regulatory compliance by direct integration with regulator systems/platforms in various countries.
  4. User Engagement and collaboration Get all stakeholders within your business operations to budget and manage energy and make them a part of the energy efficiency of your organization.
  5. Analysis and Insights What-if scenarios  including forecast/prediction  of energy footprint trends by application of statistical and ML techniques enabling data driven transition to your energy saving goals.
  6. Track Savings Opportunities - Accountable and Trackable saving initiatives and measure payback.

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