How can MSR measurement data be imported into Microsoft Excel?

How can MSR measurement data be imported into Microsoft Excel?

There is an easy solution to opening the CSV files created by the MSR software into Excel correctly. You will need to open excel FIRST, then do the following: Navigate to the "Data" tab in Excel. Pull down to "Import External Data" and select "Import Data". Navigate to where you saved your CSV data file, and select it. Once selected, the Excel "Text Import Wizard" will open and assist you in the rest of the process. In the first screen you are asked to identify the "original Data Type". Select "Delimited", then select the row you want to start importing and click "next". In the second screen you will be asked to select the delimiters to correctly segment the data. Select "Semi Colon" and click "next". Screen three of the Wizard will ask you to fine tune the import and change the data format for any of the column's. Make any changes you wish and click finish. A new file will open and you should be all set.
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    • Can MSR measurement data be exported?

      Yes. Measurement data can be exported in CSV format as a text file. Furthermore, the graphs created by the Viewer software can be saved as image files in BMP and JPG format. You will find the corresponding options in the File menu of the MSR Viewer ...
    • Can measurement data be read out from other applications or from custom programs via USB?

      Yes. For this purpose software developers can use our free DLL which allows access to the measurement data. The DLL together with examples and documentation can be downloaded directly from the following link: MSR DLL
    • Data delayed or offline.

      1. Check the power supply and internet connectivity of device. 2. Restart the device.
    • Can MSR dataloggers be calibrated?

      Yes. MRS dataloggers are given an individual and unique serial number, which means they fulfil the requirements for individual calibration. A calibration laboratory of your choice can carry out calibration. Many MSR dealers offer this service.
    • Is software for data evaluation included with the datalogger?

      Yes. MSR dataloggers are supplied as complete units that are ready for use. All dataloggers are supplied with a USB connection cable together with combined configuration and data evaluation software.